Domestic Helper

Domestic Helper - Pros and Cons and Should We Hire One?


Domestic Helper, like maids and nannies, is a very important part of every single Singaporean household. The reason is because Singapore is an extremely busy country. Almost everyone is working from early morning to late at night. As consequences, we cannot take care of our household chores and the cleanliness of our home. This matter will become worse as we got a family and childrens. Therefore, Singaporeans usually hire at least one Domestic Helper to take care of daily household chores such as cooking, doing the laundry, cleaning, and sometimes to babysit the children.








Unfortunately, not all of the domestic helpers we hire can have all the qualities we want. Sometimes they cannot do the things we ask from them correctly, sometimes they have a bad personality and just lazing around. So, the question is, is it worth it to hire a Domestic Helper for our home? Below are the pros and cons of hiring a Domestic Helper for our home.


Benefits of Hiring a Domestic Helper

There are several benefits of hiring a Domestic Helper.

One, like the already stated above, Singaporeans are busy workers. Having a Domestic Helper can help us tidy up our home. Imagine, going home tired from work, and all that awaits we are the dirty chores from the previous day. This can truly depress us and if the chores are delayed until later, it can spawn unwanted health issues for us.

Two, having a family is nice, and having a kid is even nicer. The problem is, when both us and our spouse have to go to work, who will take care of the child? This is one of the primary reasons why almost every Singaporean household have at least one Nanny or Babysitter. They can also be a friend for us and our child when we are alone, so we can have a chat. Moreover, by giving the miscellaneous chores to them, we can have more time to spend with the family.

Three, this depends on the situations, but they can also be a translator when we have a guest from foreign country. For example, we have a guest from Myanmar or Indonesia, and  coincidentally, that's where our Domestic Helper is from. We can ask them about the etiquettes from their country and we can also have a free translator for us if we don't know how to talk in that language.

Four, the hired maids are usually already experienced and have some skills in the usual chores you need them to do. For example, cooking, cleaning, and taking care of babies. This is a good thing as we can leave them to do the chores with some instructions and they can understand it easily. they can also produce better result compared to doing it ourself.

Those are some of the advantages of hiring a Domestic Worker for our home. 


Disadvantages of Hiring a Domestic Helper

Other than the advantages, there are of course the disadvantages of hiring a domestic helper for our home.

One, if the Domestic Helper we hire have a bad personality, then not only they will not help, but they will even add more problems for us. There are many cases of hired maids only sleeping at home and didn't do anything they are asked for. Worse, there are also cases of Domestic Helpers stole something when the owner isn't at home then they run away from the house and disappeared.

Two, sometimes our hired Nannies can be impatient when dealing with their charge, namely, our children or oldies. When we got people like this, it's better to just ask for a change because they are disaster in the making. Being impatient with a child can lead to a frustrated and depressed child, therefore creating a trauma for them. Same goes with old people, being impatient with them can lead to accidents and other troubles.

Three, if we hire a freshly recreuited maid, we may have to teach them everything from ground up, which is very time consuming. This cannot be skipped if we don't want further headache. Sometimes the maids are slow and not learn as quick as we want, which prolong the time required to train them. Moreover, there are cases where they just come to us one day and say they can't work for us anymore for various reasons, which made all the trainings we have done useless and a waste of time.

Those are some disadvantages in hiring a Domestic House Helper.


Should We Hire Domestic Helper?

Looking from the advantages and disadvantages above, it's safe to say that hiring a Domestic Helper will benefit us more in the long run, but there are some things we need to know before we confirm our decisions. 

One, Hiring Cost. Hiring a Domestic House Helper for our home is not cheap. According to the research conducted by SwiftMaids Team, the fees of hiring a domestic helper vary but usually start from around S$400, with average of S$569 per month in a regular household. In addition to the monthly wage, we must also pay a monthly levy to the Singaporean government worth around S$265 (amount can vary) and a security bond amounting to $5,000. If we want to hire a Domestic Helper, it's recommended to use a Maid Agency. Sure, we may need to pay more than usual, but by doing this, we free ourself from documentation hassles and we can get higher quality maid compared to doing the hiring by ourself.

Two, Necessity. If we feel that hiring a full-time Domestic Helper is too costly, we can try the alternative, hiring a part-time domestic worker. As long as we don't need constant presence of a maid or nannies, for example, when we only need to clean our house a few times a week, a part-time maid is more beneficial for us. Otherwise, it's recommended to hire a full-time domestic helper because need outweighs cost in terms of importance.

Third, Quality. Other than interviewing them before we hire them, First days of hiring is the most important period. In these time period we can observe if they are doing their job correctly and whether they can be trusted or not. There are some ways to test this. First, lay down the rules in the house and see if they can follow them or not. Next, we can give them a schedule to be done and see if they can finish the things written there or not. If we hire them to take care of our kids or parent, we can ask our kids or parent if they do their job correctly or not. Lastly, if your helper is doing a good job and is putting her best in all her works, don’t forget to reward her. Giving a bonus is a perfect way to show your appreciation and will help you win her loyalty.

If we already decided to hire a Domestic Helper, we need to prepare the accommodation, food, insurance, and medical care for them according to MOM (Ministry of Manpower) rules. Also, in the future, we will have to pay for hiring cost, transfer cost, annual bonus, and airfare for bi-annual home leave.