I am a first time employer, how do I go about hiring a maid?

All first-time employers are required to attend the Employer's Orientation Programme (EOP) as stipulated by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore.

The EOP is a three-hour programme that provides employers with a basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities when hiring a Foreign Domestic Helper (FDW).

For more information on the EOP, you may visit this page.

How do I apply/hire a maid/caregiver (foreign domestic worker)? What should I do?

Contact us! Either through the enquiry function in our website, or come down to our outlets!

Do not worry or hesitate! SwiftMaids are more than willing to guide and make things easier for you!


In case you want to know more about employer's requirements and guidelines to hire foreign domestic workers, pls visit: http://www.mom.gov.sg/foreign-manpower/passes-visas/work-permit-fdw/before-you-apply/Pages/default.aspx

After I have selected a maid/caregiver I want to hire, what do I do next?

Click on 'Enquire on this maid', textboxes, which requires your name, phone number, email address and message will appear. Fill in these textboxes as well as 'select branches', which you are most closely accessible with. Then, click on submit! 

When we received your enquiry of the maid, we will contact you via phone or email! 

Are the Caregivers/ Nurses provided by SwiftMaids Certified?

Yes! Caregivers and Nurses are certified before being listed on the website!

Our Caregivers from Philippines would have the certificate awarded by Philippines Technical Education and Skills Development Authority! For more information visit: http://www.tesda.gov.ph

What is the difference between caregivers and nurses?

The major difference between caregivers and nurses is the type of training that they go through; A nurse has to complete full nurse training in order to be certified as a nurse. Caregivers on the other hand, go through a shorter caregivers or nurse aid course.

As such, the roles between nurses and caregivers differ too. Both are able to assist and provide the basic care to patients such as assisting patients with cleaning, bathing and toilet duties as well as assisting patients with their meals. These are in addition to,taking basic vital sign measurements, like pulse rate and temperature.