Transfer Maids

Transfer Maid Singapore

What is Transfer Maid? Transfer maids are maids that are hired directly from their current employer here in Singapore, rather than hiring directly from Maid Agency. While you might still need to use an agency to sort out the paperwork, you don’t have to pay the full fee.  A transfer maid fee is usually around $500, a rather sharp improvement from $4000 payment from hiring via Maid Agencies.

Other than the price, there are also several reasons why people hire Transfer Maids. One, they already have experience of living in Singapore, unlike Fresh Maids that you will sometimes got from the Maid Agencies. Two, you can ask the previous owner how is the maid's work ethics before hiring them.

Hiring a transfer maid is the same as how you hire other maids. First, you need to fulfill the criteria of hiring a domestic worker. Then you can start asking your family / friends / acquintances / etc. if they have a transfer maid. If they don't have one, then you can ask them to introduce you to a friend of them that have one. When you found one, you can start interviewing them. Some important things to ask are their previous job experience, personality, and their personal background. Before you confirm anything, make sure to talk to their previous owner first. Why? Because there must be a reason why he / she is getting transferred, and by asking the previous owner, you will know the reason. 

There are several considerations you need to have when hiring a Transfer Maid (or maids in general). One, make sure you are hiring a maid thay have at least 1 year of experience to prevent the trouble of teaching them all over again. Two, consider the language barrier, try to hire a maid that can speak english at least a little bit. Lastly, try hire one that is single and don't have children, so they won't have too many reasons to lose focus or be burden with worries if her children / spouse have any trouble.