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Direct Hire

All first-time applicant needs to be aged 23 years old and above in order to work in Singapore as FDW. The applicant also needs to be below 50 years old at the time of the Work Permit application and, have a minimum of eight years of formal education in their home country.

For all first-time FDWs, you are required to attend a Settling-In-Program (SIP) as well. This program aims to guide and equip you with the basic knowledge about your new working environment and, your rights as an FDW working in Singapore.

As a first-time employer, you will need to attend the Employer Orientation Program (EOP); a 4-hour orientation program to equip you with the knowledge before hiring an FDW. Upon completion of the program, certification will be awarded to you. For more information, please call to enquire from our sales consultants.
All FDWs coming to Singapore needs to be from the approved source country or region from Ministry of Manpower. These countries include Bangladesh, Cambodia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Thailand.
2 years with the option to renew the work permit after which based on mutual agreement between the employer and the FDW.
As an employer, you will need to provide basic needs such as adequate food and suitable lodging: a bed with mattress, blanket, bath towels and toiletries. The sleeping area will need to be well ventilated as well with electric fan provided for the FDW.
As employer, you are required to pay your FDW’s monthly salary on time as stated in the salary schedule. We strongly encourage employers to open a personal bank account for the FDW to help them safekeep the money.
Monthly levy rate is $265

Concessionary levy rate will be $60 per month if the employer is under any of these schemes:

Young child or grandchild scheme Aged person scheme Persons with disabilities scheme Payment should be made via GIRO. You can log in using your SingPass.

Employer can apply for levy waiver under the following conditions:

- FDW is on overseas leave at least 7 consecutive days.

- Amount of levy waiver is capped at 60 calendar days per calendar year.

- Hospitalization leave recognized by Singapore hospitals.

- Does not return to Singapore after overseas leave.

Medical Insurance

Must be at least $15,000 per year for FDW during her stay in Singapore.

Personal Accident Insurance

Need to purchase personal accident insurance of minimum $10,000

A Security Bond

All employers of non-Malaysian work permit holders, including FDW, are required to post a security deposit $5,000 per maid. It must be furnished prior to FDW arrival in Singapore.

Work Permit Cancellation/ Renewal

Yes. Based on the date of Work Permit cancellation, the agency will calculate the pro-rated placement fee and insurance amount to be refunded back to the employer. However, if the FDW is being repatriated without the consent and agreement from the agency, the placement fee will not be refundable.
Report to the agency immediately and we will provide the assistance to repatriate the maid back to her home country.

Home Leave Application

Yes. After the employment contract has been extended after 2 years of service, FDW is entitled up to 14 days of paid home leave. Employer will be required to pay the salary accordingly to the FDW during home leave period.

For travelling expenses, it is strongly encouraged that both employer and FDW discuss and agree mutually.

Repatriation Service

Yes. Employer is responsible for the repatriation of the maid. The destination port of arrival must be the FDW’s intended place of arrival.

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