4-reasons why you should engage a maid agency

One in every five Singaporean households employs a migrant domestic worker (MDW) to assist with household chores and family responsibilities. Singaporeans work very long hours in a fast-paced environment with more demanding job conditions, and when they get home, they don't have time to cook, clean, or care for their families. It's not surprising that hiring a maid has become a necessity, not only for care services but also to ensure that someone cooks for the entire family.

When it comes to hiring a maid for your home, you have two options

  • Hire directly or

  • Hire through a maid agency

If you hire a maid on your own, you must meet MOM's requirements for finding the right maid for your family's needs, as well as prepare all necessary documents and governmental paperwork prior to her arrival. For someone with a full-time job and family obligations, the process can take a significant amount of time.

Hiring a maid is meant to make your life easier, but the hiring process may be more complicated and time-consuming than you realize. When you hire a maid through a maid agency, you only need to make an inquiry, and the agency will handle the entire hiring process for you and your maid, including all necessary documents.

These are the reasons why you should engage a maid agency to hire a maid:

Licensed Maid Agency Lessen Your Worries

Singapore maid agencies must have an employment agency license, according to the Ministry of Manpower. Engage with an experienced and licensed maid agency. A maid agency's license ensures two things.

First, their continued operation shows that they have not previously acted illegally or violated government rules.

As a result, they are trustworthy. Second, they are conscious of their actions, and this will lessen your worries.

Swift Maids, a MOM licensed maid agency, has 30 years of experience in providing top-tier customer service by matching employers with the right helpers for their home.

One-Stop Service with No Hassles

If you hire an MDW through a maid agency, all you have to do is identify your home's needs and contact the agency. The agency will handle the entire employment process for you, from selecting maid profiles to conducting interviews to hiring a maid, with no hassles and no worries.

Swift Maids, which serves over 30,000 Singapore families, has a large number of helper biodatas from four different countries and can assist you in screening the biodatas, scheduling the interview, selecting the best and trained maid to meet your home's needs, and preparing the paperwork process for your helper to come from her country and work for you.

Save Your Time

The paperwork process for employing a maid can be time-consuming with work permit applications, cancellations, passport renewals, document endorsements by your helper's home country's embassy, applying for insurance, and other procedures. The maid agency knows how to get the job done correctly and quickly, so you can focus on your job or providing the best for your family while they handle the tedious work.

Swift Maids handle all of the confusing paperwork and administrative work efficiently and correctly, saving your time.

Additional Services

Even after you've successfully hired a maid, the agency may offer additional services.

While services vary by agency, the following are some of the most common:

  • Work permit and passports renewal

  • Counselling of FDWs

  • Replacement of FDWs

  • Home leaves process

However, knowing who to speak with and having a trustworthy maid agency to discuss your concerns with will give you a better understanding of what to do if you want to hire a domestic helper.

Hire a maid through a maid agency to save your time and make your life easier.

Swift Maids always listens, cares, and builds relationships with the house owners, and we strive to provide excellent customer service, with customer satisfaction being our top priority above all other accomplishments.

Swift Maids' years of experience, placement volume, transfer rate, and retention rate, as well as customer ratings and reviews, are all higher than the industry average, according to the maid agency's scorecard on MOM's maid agency directory.

If you've decided to hire a migrant domestic worker (MDW), give Swift Maids a call for a professional consultation on finding a trustworthy domestic helper for your house.