A Checklist for Getting Your Helper Started at Work

Today, one out of every six Singaporean households employs a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW). With MDWs assisting with household chores and caring for our children and the elderly, more Singaporeans are able to join the workforce, knowing that our homes are well cared for while we are at work.

As with any employer-employee relationship, it is critical that both parties work together to create a harmonious working environment. As an employer, you play an important role in assisting your helper in adjusting to life and work in Singapore.

Getting Your MDW Started:

By going through the checklist below, you can help your helper get started on the right foot.

No #1 - Job Duties

Make a list of her responsibilities and go over them with her.Provide a daily or weekly schedule if possible.

No #2 - Safety

Go through household safety procedures with your Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW).

No #3 - Hygiene

Make sure your ​​MDW knows what you expect of her, for example:

  • Hygiene in the preparation of food and beverages

  • Tips to avoid the spread of common illnesses (such as a cold or flu)

  • The cleanliness of the house

No #4 - Terms and Conditions of Employment

Explain the employment contract's terms and conditions, including:

  • Salary and payment method

  • Days off

  • Medical benefits

  • Scope of duties

No #5 - Emergency telephone numbers

In an emergency, your MDW should know where to go for aid. Give her a list of numbers to call in an emergency, such as:

  • Your mobile phone /office number

  • Contact numbers of other family members in case of emergency

  • Police

  • Ambulance services

  • Fire station

No #6 - First Aid

Your helper should be taught how to handle minor injuries.

  • Treating minor cuts and bruises

  • Using common drugs and medications (for eg, cough syrup, Panadol)

  • When to call for an ambulance

No #7 - Your Helper’s Legal Obligations

Ensure that your migrant domestic worker (MDW) understands her obligations under the Work Permit Conditions.

No #8 - About Singapore

Give her an overview of Singapore culture and your lifestyle. For example:

  • Your working hours and daily schedule

  • The different races in Singapore

  • Some local customs

  • Public transport

  • Banking Servies

Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) who are new to Singapore will need time to adjust to our way of life. Even if your helper has worked in Singapore before, she will need time to understand your expectations of her. Help your FDW fit into your family by showing her care and understanding.

If you're thinking about hiring a migrant domestic worker (MDW) but aren't sure where to begin, contact Swift Maids for a professional consultation on finding a trustworthy helper for your home.