Requirements & Obligations for A MDW Employer

Are you considering hiring a migrant domestic worker (MDW) for your home?

To create a harmonious working environment, both parties: you and your helper must collaborate, just like in any other employer-employee relationship. As an employer, you have an important part to play in helping your migrant domestic worker adjust to life and work in Singapore. Before you hire a helper, make sure you understand your responsibilities and obligations as an employer, as well as the requirements and eligibility criteria set forth by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The Eligibility Criteria For An Employer

According to the MOM, to employ a domestic helper, you must be eligible for the following: Age Limit As an employer, you must be at least 21 years old to hire a helper for your home. You must be mentally capable of fully understanding and carrying out your responsibilities as an employer.

Financial Status An employer must not be discharged bankrupt and have the financial ability to hire, maintain and to upkeep the helper in an acceptable accommodation.

Caregiving Needs The Ministry of Manpower will also take into account the number of small children and elderly family members when determining caregiving needs.

Responsibilities As An Employer

As an employer of a migrant domestic helper, you must comply with a set of work permit conditions during their employment and be responsible for her well-being as follows: Health & Well-being You are responsible for your migrant domestic worker's (MDW) health and well-being, which includes providing rest days, proper accommodation, adequate food and medical obligations (such as medical & personal accident insurance), and safe working conditions. Salary Employers must pay their MDW's salary every month, no later than 7 days after the end of the salary period. The salary period must not exceed one month and must not be less than what you declared to MOM.

Employment Rules & Contract Employers are required to sign an employment contract as well as a safety agreement with their domestic helpers. The MDW's employment must adhere to the Work Permit regulatory conditions. Employers will face penalties if they illegally assign helpers to work at another residence or perform non-domestic chores. Safe Working Environment You must provide a safe working environment for your MDW and ensure that she does her household chores in a way which does not endanger her life and safety.

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