Few Things you can do to Provide a Safe Working Environment for your Helper

Employers are responsible for their helpers’ safety. She may come from an environment that does not present the same dangers that you have learnt to deal with. Do ensure a safe working environment for your Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW) when she is performing the household chores. Supervise and guide her to safely clean the window or hang the laundry.

Read on for more safety guidelines and tips.

Safety in high-rise buildings

In Singapore, living in high-rise buildings such as flats, apartments and condominiums is very common. Care must be taken when working at height, as the risk of falling is real. Your migrant domestic worker (MDW) may not be used to high-rise living and thus, she is less aware of the risks involved when working at height.

If you live in a high-rise building, your MDW must take extra safety precautions when:

Hanging Laundry


  • Make sure helper's feet are firmly on the floor, do not tip toe and keep the body is inside the apartment.

  • Hang the heavier items of clothing nearer the bracket and the lighter items of clothing farther up the pole.

  • Be extra careful when retrieving laundry when it is windy and / or raining.


  • Do not stand on chairs, stools or any raised platform

  • Do not lean too far out of the window to retrieve clothing from far end of the pole.

  • Do not tip-toe when hanging laundry.

  • Do not retrieve objects that have fallen out onto the window ledge or platform.

Cleaning Windows


  • An adult from your family must be physically present to supervise your MDW to clean the exterior of the window (above ground level)

  • Window grilles must be installed and, locked throughout the cleaning process.

  • Use window cleaning tools with extended handles.

  • Ensure the floor area near all windows is dry.


  • Do not tip toe or stand on chairs, stools or any raised platform.

  • Do not climb or lean out of window to clean the window exterior.

  • Do not clean window exterior if window has no grilles.


Electrical and Fire Safety

We use different electrical appliances in our homes, such as washing machines, microwave ovens, irons, etc. Improper use of such appliances can cause burns, serious injuries or even death. Make sure your MDW knows the following:

Electrical Safety


  • Employer should demonstrate how to use electrical appliances properly and safely.

  • After use, first switch off the appliance, turn off the socket switch, and then pull the plug out of the wall socket.


  • Do not touch electrical appliances, switches, plugs and power points with wet hands.

  • Do not overload electrical outlets by using too many plugs in one electrical socket.

Fire Safety


  • Keep petrol, paint and other inflammable materials in safe containers away from open flames and other sources of heat.


  • Do not leave stoves and heated appliances unattended.

  • Do not leave plastic bags, cloths, towels, paper or other inflammable material near lighted stoves.

As a MDW's employer, you must provide a safe working environment for your migrant domestic worker and ensure that she does her household chores in a way which does not endanger her life and safety.

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