For Domestic Helpers: Recommended Things To Do on Your Day Off

Understanding that Migrant Domestic Workers (MDW) feel lonely and isolated being so far away from home, we made a list with recommended things to do on their off days to visit, to learn new things, to socialize and to make friends through group activities as follows:

Fort Siloso Sky Walk, Sentosa
Fort Siloso Sky Walk, Sentosa

The attractions places

If you are a new-comer, who have friends in Singapore and likes to visit the public area, we recommend you to do the following with free of charge on your day off,

Super Trees at Garden By The Bay
Image: Timo Wagner @timovaknar, Unsplash

Sign Up the free workshops with your friends

You can also join the interactive Workshops free of charge organized by FAST at weekends, to understand more on legal rights and wellbeing, negotiation, criminal law, and to learn the importance of Self Care, to identify stress and crises and to know how to cope with them. For the detailed information and workshop announcements, please follow the Facebook page of Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support & Training - FAST .

Care your Health & Wellness

For the helpers who prefer an active lifestyle can join the clubhouse of FAST (Foreign Domestic Worker Association for Social Support & Training) with some charges. There is an aerobic and dance studio, a fully equipped gym, a large sports hall, and a Yoga and Pilates studio at the clubhouse and these venues host several sporting activities each weekend.

Follow your Hobbies

For the less active helpers, who like to pick up hobby crafts on their off days, FAST has activities and classes for Crochet, English, the other hobby crafts in their Activity Rooms and cooking and baking classes in the Culinary studio. Not only the crafts to learn, there is a sustainable gardening club for green-thumb helpers who would like to acquire knowledge and skills in sustainable gardening.

Upgrade Yourself

The helpers, who are eager to learn the new things for the career, can join the classes like cooking, baking, infant care, eldercare, foot reflexology, nursing care, computer skills, English language, stress management, financial management and entrepreneurial skills at a subsidized rate for MDWs at FAST. To find out more about the classes, please visit:

Get Social Support

As a Migrant Domestic Worker (MDW), you may feel stressed working in a new environment, and away from your loved ones. Help is available, get social support from FAST and MOM and socialize through group activities. F.A.S.T. provides care programs: befrienders service with group activities, counseling service for managing stress, meditation sessions, and legal aid to all MDWs.

There are also several interesting places and things to do in Singapore you can easily reach by bus or ferry.

Explore the city, enjoy the surroundings and go have fun on your day off.

COVID-19 Advisory: Please note to follow Singapore's updated COVID-19 safe management measures (SMM) : when you visit around the city on your day off.